The Secret

The Secret was one of the first books I read that explained intentions.  When you put your intentions out there the universe will cooperate with you to fulfill your wishes and even your most closely held dreams!  About two years ago I stumbled upon an artist that I greatly admired.  Tim’s Sally’s Mindy Lacefield is an amazing artist and I immediately fell in love with her work.  I took all of her courses and set about trying to emulate her and free myself of the restrictions that my art training and 40 years of painting had imposed.  It was a complete and utter disaster.  The more I tried to be like her the more depressed I became and the more my work took on an unhappy and stilted feel.  I was so lost I thought I’d never be found.  I moaned about how useless I was and what a total and utter waste of a life I had become.  Yeah, I know…I can be a DM (Drama Mama) at times.  Then suddenly it occurred to me that the problem was not with me and not with Mindy…it was with my intention of becoming ‘her’ which is an impossibility even in this magnificent and mystifying universe.  So I picked my chin up off the ground and declared my intention to become ‘real’.

Once I had spoken those words…I think I might even have muttered them out loud…the universe opened up and suddenly things were falling into place that I hadn’t even realized were missing from my life.  First there was Sebastian Michael’s Photoshop Artistry course that somehow found a way into my email stream…have no idea WHERE that came from…and then through Sebastian I once again found Kim Klassen’s Cafe and all of those awesome photography courses. So finally and forever I was found…but then the other day I saw the photography art of Anna Nemoy of Xaomena Photography. An Israeli photographer whose work made my heart sing. After viewing her gallery on Flickr I realized that she was using a subtle form of HDR photography along with Kim Klassen’s texture overlays and once again I spoke my intentions out loud…or maybe that was just me muttering in my sleep! But honestly…doesn’t this picture of hers look like something from the Dutch Masters?0bc4290ac2541df5dc8e2bc2ae81577a

Of course the universe was listening whether or not I said those intentions out loud and this morning I found an email that said and I quote: “I’m currently in the process of making a few more lectures for Part II of my Become a Better Photographer course. The first of these is now ready, and deals with Exposure Bracketing…and… also some information about High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.” Well knock me on my @ss and call me sunshine…the Universe is sharing it’s SECRET and I am happily following along where it leads me…which leads me to the first photograph of what may or may not become my new style of photography! Check it out below…I’m linking it to


I’m also going to be posting to Kim’s Start to Finish workshop Pinterest board. I’m so loving the way my life is going!!


About PrimAndTattered

The Past ~ a little girl lived by the sea and dreamt of designing beautiful dresses for beautiful ladies. The Present ~ a seasoned seamstress who lives by the sea and designs folk art e-patterns to help others express their creative side and realize their dreams.
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