Cataracts and Color

Monday…another week gone by in May…but at this week’s end I hope to have the vision back in my ‘camera eye’.  Wednesday I’m having eye surgery for the long overdue removal of a cataract…who knew?  Well…maybe I did without realizing it because suddenly I was liking BLUE which I truly, mostly, HATE!  But over the last year all of the blues I was noticing were a beautiful aqua/teal.  Yeah…add a little discoloration from the cataract and those ugly blues became gorgeous hues.  Shoulda known something was up!  I’m still out there with my camera daily but I’ve noticed that within the last month the pictures aren’t as tack-sharp as they used to be…auto focus is the only way to make them useable.  Thursday morning I hope to take off that eye patch and see the world in all it’s glorious colorful hues…and if I go back to hating BLUE that’s OK too…at least I now know what colors of blue I do LOVE 🙂

Since it’s Monday and the beginning of a new work week at the computer and behind the camera I thought I’d link up to Kim Klassen’s Cafe and Texture Tuesday.  I like to have my posting done by Monday’s end so I’m not going to the computer early Tuesday bleary eyed.


This week the subject is “Cuppa”. I love a cuppa Joe as well as the next guy but my Scottish grandmother gave me the love of a good cuppa tea well made. My favorite tea is Earl Grey. Something about the scent of bergamot wafting up from the cup as it steeps takes me to warm and familiar places from childhood. If I’m feeling blue; if the snow is blowing; or if a gentle summer rain is falling…it’s the perfect time for a cuppa Earl. Here’s my big Mama tea cup filled to the brim with the brew!


For those of you who might like to know the origins of this delicious cuppa…here’s what Wiki has to say: “Earl Grey tea is a tea blend with a distinctive citrus flavour and aroma derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit…The Earl Grey blend, or “Earl Grey’s Mixture”, is assumed to be named after Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey, British Prime Minister in the 1830s and author of the Reform Bill of 1832. He reputedly received a gift, probably a diplomatic perquisite, of tea flavoured with bergamot oil. Bergamot orange (Citrus bergamia) is a small citrus tree which blossoms during the winter and is grown commercially in Calabria, Italy. It is likely a hybrid of Citrus limetta and Citrus aurantium. According to the Grey family, the tea was specially blended by a Chinese mandarin for Lord Grey, to suit the water at Howick Hall, the family seat in Northumberland, using bergamot in particular to offset the preponderance of lime in the local water. Lady Grey used it to entertain in London as a political hostess, and it proved so popular that she was asked if it could be sold to others, which is how Twinings came to market it as a brand”.


About PrimAndTattered

The Past ~ a little girl lived by the sea and dreamt of designing beautiful dresses for beautiful ladies. The Present ~ a seasoned seamstress who lives by the sea and designs folk art e-patterns to help others express their creative side and realize their dreams.
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14 Responses to Cataracts and Color

  1. Julia says:

    We live near Howick Hall. Must try and put some pics up for you! They have beautiful gardens

  2. such a beautiful image and cup, good luck with this week, I know you will be pleased.

  3. Beverly says:

    Lovely, dreamy image! Wishing you all the best with your procedure!

  4. Caz Sultz says:

    I love your pretty cup ! Good luck with your eye surgery

  5. That….is such a beautiful image and I love your cup. I do hope you can go back to hating blue very soon! 😉

  6. Barbara says:

    Gorgeous, it would be my favorite cup too!

  7. like a pretty dream…. so sweet and lovely light…. xo

  8. oh and i wish you all the BEST on your surgery…. xo

  9. Earl Grey is my favourite tea. Did you know there is a Lady Grey tea too? It’s slightly less perfumed than the Earl Grey. It’s a beautiful cup you have there

  10. Earl says:

    Yes, Earl Grey is my favorite, too. Wonderful photos. Hope you see all your colors as you like them.

  11. Gail O says:

    I am yet another Earl Grey fan:) Quite the fan of this photo too!

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