I am a Nikon Girl… always have been… always will be. I shoot with a D90 and a 50mm f1.8 prime lens… my favorite lens of the moment. My old but trusty camera bag holds the rest… a Nikon 35-80 mm f4; a Nikon 35-105mm f3.5; a Sigma 70-300mm f4; a set of Hoya 52mm Close-up lenses; a cheap little Neewer super wide angle micro lens; an OOAK DIY project marrying a 52mm camera ring with a hand polished magnifying glass lens (amazing clarity for catching the hills and valleys of lichen & moss or an ant marching along a blade of grass)!
Since I’ve always been a natural light photographer I rarely use a flash but I have a Nikon SB-26 flash with soft box and a Cateye LETS flash reflector (available only in the UK from Eckstein Engineering). The Cateye actually does a better job than the soft box.
Of course there are a half dozen point n shoots plus various ‘toy’ cameras but when I want to get serious in the studio it’s the Nikon I pull out.                                                On the road I’ve found that my iPhone 5 with it’s 13 mega pixel camera does the job well enough to qualify as a ‘real’ camera. And Instagram is such a nice way to show off those spur of the moment snaps!

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